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Floriey Industries has been focusing on home fitness equipment since the 1990s.They have been innovating and refining home use fitness equipment from the early models of health riders to fan bikes to adjustable weights.
Floriey is now one of the world's largest adjustable weights manufacturers.They offer the widest range of quick adjustable weight options, ranging from a minimum weight of 2.5lb adjustable dumbbells to a maximum weight of 100lb.
Throughout the years they have been granted more than 100 patent certificates around the world, and they carry out multiple quality testing procedures in the product development process.

Floriey also offers a one stop fitness accessory ODM from design to manufacturing for different brands.

They are skilled and experienced in different materials, colors, packaging, printing and product testing.There is also an in-house testing lab as well as contracts with certified laboratories such as Intertek and SGS.

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