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BYZOOMFashionable Color


Our design team has been working with the fashion industry for years. We have a long history of blending our accessory colors and design with current consumer trends and our own brand BYZOOM FITNESS is already in more than 100 retail locations locally.


SKECHERSPackaging Design


We work with internationally renowned brands and various publicly traded companies. We help them build their product range, packaging design, testing and manufacturing as well as distribution.


NaturalEco-friendly Material


Sustainability is important to us. Mass production processes, especially with plasticizers, could potentially be harmful to humans and the environment in the long run. We are conscious of the global trend of healthy living and sustainability and we put heavy focus on developing products that are made of natural, organic material.

Yoga Mat

Yoga MatVersatile Range

Floriey Industries has a long experience working with all sorts of mat materials, such as TPE, PVC, EVA, PU, natural rubber, cork, bamboo, rice…etc. We make sure our material suppliers comply with the region’s chemical substance regulations and they all are required to provide test reports from Intertek and SGS. We also test products yearly in our own lab or through a certified laboratory.


BreakingThe Stereotypes

Breaking the stereotypes of traditional accessories by combining different styles of materials.Our accessories not only create a highlight in your room, they are also sturdy and long-lasting due to their high-grade steel material. Adding elegant materials such as cork or wood adds another layer of security as they won’t come off even after countless uses.

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