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After the outbreak of COIVD 19, gyms have been closing down, but FlorieyIndustries who specializes in home fitness equipment has tripled its revenue.Relying on adjustable dumbbells and adjustable weightlifting products, thecompany’s revenue has hit a new high. The biggest pusher behind their recentsuccess is Chairman Paul Chen, because of his dedication to R&D and design. 
Floriey, who has been selling adjustable dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, etc. for 20 years

As early as 20 years ago, Chairman Paul Chen has been focused on the field of home fitness. The main OEM customer is one of the top three fitness equipment companies in the world. Through patented products, it has won the trust of customers.The patented dumbbells can be adjusted according to customer needs by a simple pull pin, which can easily change the weight and the length of the dumbbells. “Other adjustable dumbbells are always the same length, so it's inconvenient to do certain exercises."
Keeping promises to customers and continuous product development are Floriey's insistence.

Floriey is a trust worthy OEM/ODM partner. Due to its great reputation and unique product designing ability, Floriey obtains many long-term customers simply by word of mouth from other referrals in the industry.Paul Chen never worries about product life cycle because Floriey has a fast-paced R&D team that continuously innovate, refine and redefine fitness equipment. “we are way ahead of the curve instead of innovation speed”, said Paul Chen with confidence.
Second-generation transformation, streamlining product lines, and focusing more on home fitness equipment that saves space at home.

In response to the changes in the fitness industry, Floriey has been more active in developing and affirming the company's future position. Chairman Paul Chen and his two sons will carry out reforms by eliminating excessive product line, focusing on multi-national patents and unique designs. They are also focusing on their own brand BYZOOM FITNESS to release home gym equipment that only requires 2 square meters of space to be effective.

There will be even more innovative productsthat Floriey will bring to the market in the future. 



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