Taiwan Media News: Setn Channel

During the epidemic, home fitness has become mainstream, and Floriey's "adjustable" dumbbells and kettlebells have emerged in the market as a dark horse.

The home-use weight equipment developed by Floriey does not require alarge space, but only needs 1-2 square meter of space. 

A set of adjustabledumbbells, adjustable kettlebells, barbell, and dumbbell stand at home canperform multiple training exercises. The entire range has been grantedinvention patents.

Floriey’s adjustable weight equipment can change the length and weight with a simple pull of a pin, which is suitable for training different body parts.Pairing their weights with yoga mats, training elastic bands and other accessories, you can have gym-like experience at home. 



Floriey has always believed that good products come from good quality. Quality requirements and safe use are the foundation of products and Floriey's commitment to customers.

Each product is designed to withstand more than 100,000 impact tests, tilt tests, weight resistance tests, salt spray tests and other procedures, allowing customers to use our fitness training products with confidence.

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