Quick Weight Selection

Easily maneuver to different weight levels

Ergonomic Handle

Enhanced grip

Safety Dovetail

Stable construction to prevent weight plates from dropping.

Storage Tray

Space-saving and minimal footprint

Nylon Coating

No metal clinking during exercise



  50 lb 55 lb
Adjustment range 10 - 50 lb 10 - 55 lb
Equivalent to 5 traditional dumbbells 15 traditional dumbbells
Weight 23 kg 25 kg
Size(LxWxH) 430 x 285 x 220 mm 491 x 285 x 220 mm
Material Aluminum, steel, PP, Nylon Aluminum, steel, PP, Nylon
  • Product quality testing

    Our products go through a vigorous testing process before they hit the market. They are all tested according to international standards with certified labs such as SGS or Intertek for chemical regulations. Product testing includes impact, shake, drop, salt spray and human testing. The weight lifting category even goes up to 100 thousand impact cycles.

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  • Dovetail Test

    The dovetail groove is the joining point of the dumbbells. Our test ensure that one dovetail can bear 200KG weight without being damaged. We also specifically test the dumbbell adjustment rod by continuously moving the adjustment pin back and forth. This ensures a safe user experience without the pin getting stuck during the adjustment.

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  • Handle Load Test

    FLORIEY provides everyone with safe and durable fitness equipment. To ensure user safety, our dumbbell handle can bear 250KG weight on one side, both sides in total can bear a weight of 500KG.

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    Floriey Merchandise Other brands

    Small and convenient, heavier

    The length can be adjusted according to the training needs (take 55LB product as an example)

    Fixed length, dumbbell length cannot be adjusted.

    Stable plate design to prevent the dumbbells from rolling away.

    Rolls away on the floor.

    Reduce clinking sound during exercises.

    Excessive noise causing users to feel uncertain about the weight plate security


Floriey consists of patents that covers worldwide markets to defend our intellectual property rights.This allows us to protect both ours and customer’s interests by preventing copy cats from devaluing and manufacture poor quality products that might be harmful to consumers.

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    standard products

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    Patent covers eastern and western markets

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    More than 100 patents worldwide

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We focus on space saving strength training equipment that is suitable for home use,
while emphasizing on effectiveness, aesthetics and most importantly - safety.
Both our business model and products will redefine the way you see the fitness industry.

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